Vapor Hog sells electronic cigarettes intended for adults 18 years or older. If you are not legally able to purchase tobacco products in the state where you live, please do not enter this site.

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Halo-I Nebula Tank Couples Kit

Marble-Tobacco E-Liquid

Senior Tank 3.5ml E-Kit

Sweet & Tart E-Liquid

Menthol-Tobacco E-Liquid

VV2 Variable Voltage Passthrough Battery

Torro Energy Flavor E-Liquid

Halo-II Glass Tank

Electronic Cigarettes Miami

An electric cigarette in Miami, or, ecig as they are commonly termed, is an electronic device designed to deliver a flavor infused vapor, most often with nicotine, to the user. They are comprised of three specific element; the battery, the atomizer and the tank. The vapor is produced when the battery engages allowing the atomizer to heat up and the eliquid held within the tank is vaporized.

E-Cig Miami Starter Kits

Electronic cigarette Miami starter kits are the most economical way to begin a vaping experience. Ranging in price from $28.95 to $99.95, there is something for every budget. Kits come complete with everything one person needs to start vaping successfully.

All kits come with battery, tank, charger and case. Our Halo-I Nebula Tank Couples Kit includes two batteries, two tank kits, replaceable wicks, 2 decorative rings, a case, a charging system, and one thirty ml bottle of eliquid for $99.95.

Another option we offer is the popular Vapor Hog Portable Hog (VH6) Kit. This kit contains a battery, atomizer, charging system, case and 10 ml bottle of juice.  For the more experience vapers we offer the Halo-II Tank Kit. This kit includes a tubular, mod type, digital, variable voltage ecig battery, a tank atomizer, case, charging system, extra wick and 30 ml of e-liquid.

E Cigarette Miami Batteries

The Miami ecig industry is very new. It can be difficult to know which companies to trust in such a new market. Vapor Hog provides top quality products at the lowest prices.

The term variable voltage is thrown around a lot in the world of ecig batteries. This simply means that the amount of mAh the battery is using can be altered by the user. Ecigarette lithium ion batteries are similar to those used in lap tops and cell phones.  E-cig batteries are most often long and cylindrical or box like.

Vapor Cigarette Miami

Vapor cigarettes Miami, or ecigarettes, are nowhere near as harmful as tradition cigarettes. They do contain nicotine in the vapor they produce, but that’s it. They do not have any of the dangerous ingredients of an analog cigarette like tar, carpet glue and pesticides.

The term vapor cigarette is not used by most vapers. Most often these devices are called e-cigs, electric cigarettes or personal vaporizers. Electronic cigarette users call themselves “vapers” and the use of the ecig “vaping”.

You may have heard the term flavor cartridge tossed around when talking about Miami electronic cigarettes. These apply to specific types of disposable ecigs used only as long as the battery lasts. They are cartridges infused with flavored nicotine that is attached to the battery. Once empty, they are discarded. 

Electronic Cigarettes Miami | Electric Cigarette | E-Cig | Vapor Hog